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The History of Halloween
Trick or Treat origin
Costumes & Disguise
Jack-O-Lantern Myth
Bone Fires From Europe
Halloween, The Devil's Trick?
The choice is Yours! Heaven or Hell
Glossary of Terms used
Links for other web pages

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Is reincarnation found in the Bible?

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The History of Halloween


This web site have several sections and a glossary of terms used. It has been built with a christian perspective. Before you are thinking about quiting this site, go through it and let me know your commentaries, good or not I receive them all. Also you can click on names (when the mouse shows a hand, ex: Halloween) to view the definition of the word (glossary section)

Below are an overview of each section :

History  : I relate facts concerning the origins of this holiday, the dates and where do we get the name Halloween as we know it today.

Treat or Treat   : I talk about the druids and some of their practices.

Costumes  : I inform you on different beliefs related to this section.

Jack-O-Lantern  : I tell you different legends concernning a man named "Jack" who tried to get the devil by different means.

Bonfires  : I speak about the signification of these fires

Devil's Trick  : I bring you to a point of analyzing this holiday. Should you celebrate Halloween ?"

Heaven or Hell   : I show you the only way to get to Heaven.

Glossary  : This section include all the terms I used on this web site, as well as others related to Halloween.

Links Page  : It has all the references I used on this site, other Halloween web sites, the link for my church and other useful links.

Doc Full Version  : Click on this link if you want this whole document (Version 2006)

Reincarnation  : This is a new section since September 2006. It answers the question about reincarnation and the Bible. The definition of reincarnation is found in the glossary section.

Click on this button if you want the whole document, Version 2006.

Version fran├žaise  : To get the French version of this website.


If you have questions or commentaries, just send me an E-Mail: Francois Bergeron Click on this image to send an E-Mail

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